Academy Council

The Academy Council plays a vital role in the life of Oasis Academy Immingham. It is comprised of members of the local community, the local authority, parent representatives, a member of the support staff and a member of the teaching staff. Meeting 6 times in the evening throughout the academic year, the Academy Council acts as ‘critical friends’ on issues of attainment and performance, whilst also being very involved in ensuring the development of a thriving and holistic community Hub.

The Academy Council does not have the statutory responsibilities of the Academy, these are held at national level by the OCL Board. All Academy Councillors are appointed by the Oasis Community Learning National Executive.

Oasis Academy Councils are made up of between 7 – 15 people. This list is updated every six months or annually. All Academy Councillors are appointed for a 3 year term of office unless stated otherwise.

Contact us to find out more about volunteering as an Academy Councillor and make the difference to your community today! 

Academy Council

Name Appointed by/Category Role on AC Date Appointed End Date Business/Pecuniary Interests Attendance 18-19
Sara McLoughlin - Principal Jun ‘17 Jun ’20 N/A 3/3
Simon Pinchbeck Sponsor (Community) Chair, Curriculum
& Progress
18th  Sep ‘18 17th  Sep ‘21 N/A 3/3
Elaine Norton Parent Safeguarding, Behaviour and Community 20th  Jul ‘16 19th  Jul ‘19 One Voice, Community Work,Trustee Director, 2009. Care, Food Larder/Support, 2014. 2/3
Joanne Coupland Parent Pupil Premium
and SEN
20th  Jul ‘16 19th  Jul ‘19 N/A 2/3
Dave Boulton LA Careers and H&S 13th  Sep ‘16 12th  Sep ‘19 N/A 2/3
Steve Pexman (Finished Term) Sponsor (Community) Chair 1st Sep ‘17 9th  Jul ‘18 N/A n/a
Paul Hemsley (Finished Term) Non-Teaching Staff Health & Safety 1st Mar ‘17 1st Mar ‘18 N/A n/a
Craig Varley (Finished Term) Teaching Staff Staff Welfare 13th  Mar ‘17 31st Dec ‘18 N/A n/a
Tom Horton (Finished Term) Sponsor (Community) Safeguarding 1st Oct ‘13 19th  Dec ‘17 N/A n/a
Adam Farrow (Finished Term) Sponsor (Community) - 31st Jul ‘17 17th Jan ‘19 N/A 0/2
Kath Vincent (Finished Term) Community SEN Primary Liaison  30th July '19 17th Jan '19 N/A 0/2
Gary Watson (Finished Term) Sponsor (Community) Community 25th Apr '16 17th Jan '19 N/A 0/2