Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is delivered from year 7 to year 9, where students’ knowledge skills and abilities are fully developed in both the Core Curriculum comprising English Maths and Science and the wider curriculum. Here, students enjoy lessons in the Humanities (History, Geography and R.E) languages (usually French for most students although some students have the opportunity to work on their core skills), technology (where students take part in a range of STEM based projects), expressive arts (where students have lessons in Art Music and Drama, with the intention that they specialise in one of these areas at the end of year 8) and of course two hours of physical education.


The Academy is mindful that there are many key learning areas which fall outside of the main curriculum areas, and to satisfy these, we deliver out PSHE provision in tutor time through our pastoral delivery. Our PHSE delivery in tutor time and assemblies allows all students to access and engage with the topics from a wide range of Personal Social and Health Education issues, which are often delivered by outside agencies, where we can enlist specialist support.

Physical Education

PE is delivered in two sessions per week,(going down to one session in y 11) and students can opt for an optional GCSE or BTEC in Physical Education.